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regretting the passing of the years.. Remain appreciative for the suffering and stop seeking accomplishments.


regretting the passing of the years. Remain appreciative for the suffering and stop seeking accomplishments.

The end of the year, with the accompanying wishes for a new year, many are not left with grief and depression at this time of year, becoming a season of loneliness and solitude rather than an occasion to spend time with friends and share happy moments and fun thoughts, and moments of joy and dreams turn into a new chapter of thickening and thinking about past failures.

This year many do not have the desire to celebrate. Successive global crises have affected the mood of the majority. The celebrations disappeared from many homes, either after economic crises or from the psychological effects of the Gaza War and what is happening to the Sudanese in the last days of the year, But perhaps the quest for joy brings some joy to the new year. Psychiatrist Mary C. Lim, a professor at the Wright Institute in California, advises in her article published via the website "Psychology Today", not tracking sorrows in the festive period, the beginnings of the years, and replacing negative thinking with a positive one that opens the doors of hope and always reminds you of what you achieved last year.

Sadness is an individual case, not similar to another, and the response to the loss is different and distinctive and each one bears its owner's soul, there may be similarities. But each experience has a template that varies according to memories and emotion and the ability to cope with loss and loss, The Wright Institute Professor therefore advises to practice 4 ways that may benefit some people to circumvent these periods of depression and get rid of the grief associated with the end of the year:

regretting the passing of the years.. Remain appreciative for the suffering and stop seeking accomplishments.

4 ways to deal with end-of-year grief

1-Stay away from the usual end-of-year routine, whether it's attending family events, or changing your meal routine that you used to eat in previous years and share with others who no longer exist.

2-Recognize and accept your grief: Dealing with emotions as a natural part of the experience of loss, because this acceptance is what makes you can control your life and restore the ability to stay safe and able to share and give.

3-Dispersion, don't stay fully focused all the time, a little dispersion is an adaptive mechanism through which temporary comfort can be provided when grief overloads you.

4-Hope: Hope is a sense that life will continue, and good aspirations will be realized and peace will prevail, the weak will prevail, and hope will prevail.

Grief Approaching Endings

American psychologist Eric Erickson has divided the stages of human development and development into 8 sections from birth to the end of life. Sadness and despair have come at the last stage, with endings approaching, end of life, dreams and aspirations, either a harvest that drives you to continue confident or a depression and grief that is valuable to your sense of unfinished life.

So is the end-of-year grief as described by the consultant psychiatrist of the in-kind palace and head of sexual health at the World Psychiatric Association Dr. Radwa Sa 'id Abdul Azim, speaking on Al Jazeera Net, confirmed that the grim grimace prevails over most people at these times. s past year or the traumatic events of the world, But also because all indicators indicate a lack of hope in the coming And most of the expectations are for a year of despair and frustration more than twice as old, Everyone lost the cloud of hope they clung to at the end of each year.

Rizwa Abdeladim differentiates between two instances of grief at the end of the year, there is a real grief that hurts for a real reason and a catastrophe that afflicted her last year, and there is also the grief of people. "Aspirants", whom Rizwa describes as incompetent with achievement whatever it may be, always see it as inadequate and unfair, and flogging themselves simply for wanting more accomplishments without being grateful for what they have already achieved and what they have achieved in their lives.

regretting the passing of the years.. Remain appreciative for the suffering and stop seeking accomplishments.

How do we get grateful for the difficulties of the year?

Reaching a psychological peace at the end of the year, and a firm belief that days carry good, And evil is not as housed as some people think, and grief is lost no matter how long and good it comes despite all the bad signs. This state of optimism and spirituality, as described by the consultant psychiatrist of minors in the eye. In today's circumstances, only two types of human beings have access to them, the first being those who have faith, spirituality and those who have been recognized with the consent and acceptance of God's fate.

The second type of optimists are "low consciousness", they think no more than their current day. If it passes peacefully, the rest of the days will pass, and if it rains, the planting is coming, the good is coming, "says Abdeladim. "If we look at the case of a breast cancer patient coming from the countryside without prior information about cancer, chemotherapy, hair loss and complications that may affect her, we will find her better off and healthy than another educated patient who has awareness that enables her to know the disease and its effects and therefore this awareness has a negative impact on her health and her ability to get through the disease."

Some ignorance may be useful

Professor of psychology Rizwa Abdeladim asserts that tips to stay away from scenes of murder and destruction are not a luxury, some ignorance is sometimes very useful to maintain a little psychological balance, thereby alleviating grief and depression at periods such as the end of the year.

Changing and developing and trying to make others happy to come out of grief is one of the most effective ways to overcome end-of-year depression, and trying to make someone happy at the end of the year do that is able to change your outlook for the days before and what is coming.


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