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Countries that give you easy immigration and citizenship

 20 countries give you easy migration and citizenship. Many young people aspire to realize the dream of migration. This may be due to a number of reasons, including: Looking for jobs, creating a better standard of living, culture and civilization, acquiring many experiences, and here we find a young person starting by looking for the best countries to which he can migrate, 

but in the current circumstances many States are setting harsh conditions for young people's admission; Acceptance may even take place after several years of continuous submission; to satisfy the required conditions, but there are some small states, to which migration is easier.

Countries that give you easy immigration and citizenship

1. Detroit - Michigan - United States:

It's called "Paris of the West", but that devoid city lost that title during the second half of the 20th century.

But now it's trying to attract the population to regain its old glory, so the government is giving $2,500 to workers.

In different industries who intend to move to the city and live in migration

2. Alaska - United States:

If you love winter and ice views and don't savage frost then life in Alaska will be very fun for you.

Owing to the low population in the state, the Government is offering professionals and workers funds to encourage them to move to the state.

But one requirement that must be adhered to is to live there at least one year after moving there.

3.Skachewan Province Canada:

Boycott offers new graduates permanent residency who have not yet received a good career opportunity of C $ 20 thousand

If they decide to move and work in it for 7 years.

4.Niagara Falls - United States:

This is one of the best offers where you are guaranteed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world with one of the most important attractions for tourists

They are Niagara Falls and yet the Government offers people money to attract them to live in that place.

Recent graduates receive $ 7 to work near the waterfall area for two years.

5.Asturias - Spain:

This small village in northeastern Spain is one of the oldest places in the country and to attract a young population,

To improve the economy, 3 thousand euros are offered to spouses to move in and live in, and 3 thousand euros are every child they have while living there

6. Netherlands:

The Netherlands is one of the most renowned countries with knowledge in the humanities and social sciences

In one of the country's social experiments, countries give you migration to see what the entire population living in one city will do if they get a thousand dollars?

This experiment is being conducted in the city of Utrecht.

7-Curtis - Nebraska - United States:

In that small American city, residents complain that local authorities do little in it.

To solve that problem, the Government offered a plot of land free of charge in exchange for offering a good idea to improve its infrastructure.

8. Cayman Islands:

The Cayman Islands is located in the western Caribbean and consists of the Great Cayman Islands, the Cayman Brac Islands and the Lesser Cayman Islands.

The islands are a low-tax investment centre and one of the world's leading tourism destinations for underwater diving.

Many emphasize their preference for these islands as their Governments do not tax income or wages.

Its bright sun lasts throughout the year in all regions, as well as its low crime rate and civic viability while maintaining interrelated social relationships between individuals.


Australia enjoys a lot of unique places and tourist areas globally, and is considered a developed country

Australia is also ranked in high positions in many global rankings such as Human development, quality of life, health care, life expectancy and general education.

Expatriates living in Australia point out that beautiful weather and easy integration with friendly locals

It has been a great pleasure to take them quickly, and 73% of them feel relaxed in their workplaces in this beautiful country.

10. United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom is a diverse nation full of contradictions; It has a wide range of landscapes and diverse cultures to explore

In every corner you will find hundreds of famous attractions.

Despite the precarious economic situation of the United Kingdom's expatriates, a large proportion of them

Up to 71% can trust and look forward to settling in, and the ratios show that migrants are living there well.


Canada is one of the world's most developed countries, possessing a diverse economy and relying on its abundant natural resources.

On trade, especially with the United States, which has a long and complex relationship, Canada has one of the highest living standards.

In the world, where the Human Development Index ranks eighth globally.
This year's survey showed that Canada is the preferred destination for those who migrate to raise children to take refuge in Canada and who have confirmed the affection of their local population.
The ratios indicated that 70% of expatriates feel strongly integrated into society.

12. New Zealand:

New Zealand enjoys the charming nature of green mountains and gorgeous beaches, with mountains hugging sky stars

The seas are embraced in a heartbreaking landscape, New Zealand is a developed country with a high rating in international classifications.

In many subjects including education, economic freedom and lack of corruption, their cities are also consistently ranked among the most
Fit to live in the world. Although she gave up her first place last year, she occupies a privileged position.


Spain is a democratic State with a parliamentary government under a constitutional monarchy and is a developed country.

Its economy was the world's ninth largest in terms of GDP, and living standards were very high.
It is ranked 20th on the Human Development Index. The survey showed that 92% of expatriates in Spain are concerned about the economic situation
But they don't intend to leave it, and 71% say they actually tried to learn the local language to ensure stability.

14.Bermuda's Islands:

A collection of islands in the Atlantic Ocean view, including St. George, St. David, Ireland and Somerset

The United Kingdom follows, with expatriates emphasizing quality of living and high incomes as well as expressing their admiration for weather and public transport.

15.South Africa:

South Africa's economy is the largest and most developed of all African countries, and modern infrastructure exists in almost all parts of the country

17% of Moroccans have emphasized the ease of reconciling public and private life, ease of living and access to a good home and health care.

16. Malaysia:

Malaysia has experienced an economic boom and undergone rapid development as it is bordered by the Strait of Malacca, an important maritime route in international navigation

International trade was also an essential part of its economy, which had contributed to increased migration.
Although a large proportion of its expatriates expressed difficulty in integrating into it as a result of the language barrier

At the same time, however, they express their enjoyment of quality of living and easy transportation, as well as the beauty of nature and scenic views.


Mexico is the world's 23rd world tourism spender and the highest in Latin America
The vast majority of tourists come to Mexico from the United States and Canada, as do other visitors from Europe and Asia

A small number of tourists also come from other Latin American countries that usually attract Mexico's bankers and financiers.

When asked why they were staying in, 74% said they liked their friendly population, while 71% liked the beautiful weather.


Germany is the second leader in medical science, engineering, technology and modern technologies and is a member of the United Nations, NATO and the Group of Eight

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is a major economic force as it is the world's largest exporter of goods and its second largest importer.

Expatriates in Germany estimate great economic stability, and 91% expect this stability to continue or develop for the better.

19. China:

Since the introduction of economic reforms based on the market system in 1978, China has become the world's fastest growing economy

It has become the world's largest exporter and second largest importer of goods, and China's economy is the second largest in the world.

In terms of GDP and purchasing power parity, 53% of China's expatriates work in the finance sector
Despite the language barrier, 44% emphasize quality of living, and 93% see China's economic situation as excellent and encouraging.


Singapore is a Republic located on an island in South-East Asia, at the southern tip of the Malayan peninsula, separated from Malaysia by the Strait of Johor and the Rio Islands

The Indonesian Strait of Singapore is the world's fourth most important financial centre, and a global city plays an important role in the global economy.

Fiscal incentives are a significant attraction for expatriates, with 80% of them found to be willing to save money when they reside in this country, which has confirmed 67%.


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