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Is the Huawei watch an alternative to conventional measuring devices?


Is the Huawei watch an alternative to conventional measuring devices?

The Huawei Watch (Watch D) has many health functions, most notably blood pressure measurement. Here the following question arises: Is the clock a real alternative to conventional measurement devices?

China's Huawei Watch is not the first to provide a blood pressure measurement function; This function is available in some Samsung Galaxy models, but before the optical photography sensor can accurately record changes in blood volume, the user has to calibrate Samsung devices by a conventional blood pressure measurement device.

The calibration process is a very cumbersome procedure and has to be repeated every 4 weeks. The measurement bracelet "Aktiia" works in a manner similar to Samsung's by optical sensors. This device fits with long-range analyses, but this bracelet has to be calibrated regularly.

Inflatable bracelet

Huawei relied on another approach with the watch, using a traditional inflatable bracelet under the smart clock bracelet, as with traditional wrist pressure measurements from global companies such as Omron, Boso and Beurer.

According to Huawei, the maximum measurement variations are 3 millimetres Hg, and during the practical test the measurement results were very close to those measured by the Boso Medicus X, which was well assessed by the German Commodity and Product Testing Authority.

Like all blood pressure measurements, the user has to be calm for a few minutes and lift the wrist at the heart level. If the user sits in an improper position, the measurement results appear erroneously, and if the program recognizes a deviation from the correct seating position, the smartwatch gives sound instructions on the proper seating position.

The Chinese company confirmed that the sophisticated mechanism of the Huawei bracelet ensures guaranteed measurement results, and because of these sophisticated mechanisms, the smart watch format "Watch Dee" is not as beautiful as the Apple Watch; The many-angle body comes with greater thickness than the latest Apple Watch models, as well as the fabric cover of the measurement bracelet stands out slightly from the bottom of the silicone bracelet.

Is the Huawei watch an alternative to conventional measuring devices?

Comprehensive Health Functions

HUAWEI WATCH "WATCH" provides comprehensive health functions; Huawei smart clock can be used to perform ECG like the latest models Apple Watch, recognizing arrhythmias, as well as recording atypical changes in skin temperature, as well as measuring blood oxygen saturation, and with the availability of blood pressure measurement function, the WatchDee smart clock exceeds the Apple clock in the health sector.

When using Huawei smart watch for exercise, the user has about 70 exercise modes. The smart watch also recognizes 6 types of daily training sessions, such as outdoor walking, covered lounges, outdoor running or covered lounges and workout device. "Oliptkal" or rowing device, also monitors the smart watch used while jumping rope or pressing pedals.

Although WatchD has dust, dust and water resistance according to the protection category "AB68" (IP68), it may not be used during swimming or diving, the Chinese company also advises to take off the smartwatch before bathing, but endures rainfall during running.

The watch is based on satellite data to accurately record trajectories. The new smartwatch is not limited to US GPS satellite data, but it also relies on the data of the European system "Galileo", the Russian system "GLONASS" and the Chinese system "Beidou/Compass".

Despite the availability of many useful jobs in the health sector, Watch Dee clock lacks some traditional jobs that facilitate everyday life such as contactless payment function.

Smart Voice Assistant

Similar to other smart watches, the Huawei watch "Watch D" includes a smart audio assistant, as well as a message, notification and alarm display function, as well as a built-in weather forecast and music playback control function, but the music itself cannot be stored on the smartwatch, so the user has to take the smartphone if they want to listen to music while running.

The Huawei "Health" app is not limited to Chinese company devices or other Android phones, but it runs on Apple iPhone as well. Samsung Galaxy smart watch blood pressure measurement function requires the Health Monitor app that runs on Samsung devices only, and the Apple Watch is limited to iPhone only.


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