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These are the best cities in the world by passenger perspective

These are the best cities in the world by passenger perspective

The reasons why a city is better than others, and the criteria for evaluation are spread between cultural and historical value, religious and social diversity, unique architectural arts, diverse food, rich cultural performances, interesting shops, busy streets, friendly populations, entertainment and entertainment venues, natural beauty, picturesque nature and others. the continued identification of the world's best cities; "Travel + Leisure", a travel services magazine, surveys millions of tourists and travelers annually to learn about the world's best cities. During this report we will review the world's best cities for this year 2018, as shown by the survey, which will help us to learn about the moods of a wide range of travelers.

San Miguel de Linde - Mexico

These are the best cities in the world by passenger perspective

For the second year in a row, the Mexican city of San Miguel de Linde was crowned the gold medal as the best city in the world with a 91.9% rating. The city of San Miguel is unique in its unique Spanish colonial architecture, characterized by bright colours and cobblestone streets decorated with flowers, and features many high-end cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs; Making the city look like a global village.

The city has a lot of shops selling handicrafts and jewellery, many Spanish-language schools and learning centers, along with a very large number of art exhibitions and cultural centers that organize many cultural activities and Mexican festivals filled with dance and resonant bells, fireworks processions, sporting events, and private parties.

Oaxaca City - Mexico

These are the best cities in the world by passenger perspective

The Mexican city of Oaxaca jumped from sixth among the world's best cities last year 2017 to second this year 2018, winning a 90.5% rating. The city of Oaxaca is the capital of the state of Oaxaca, which is located in southern Mexico and is known for its authentic cultures, and is the best attraction in southern Mexico; Because they blend with unique grace between calm and relaxation, vibrant noisy landmarks and heritage monuments.

 Oaxaca combines noisy live festivals, entertainment, amazing cuisine and multiple dining options, with unique cultural attractions and historic heritage venues. Downtown Oaxaca is one of the World Heritage Sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List because it is one of the heritage buildings and contains many historical monuments such as the stunning Masidonio Alcala Theatre, Oaxaca Cathedral known as the Virgin's Cathedral, as well as colonial buildings made up of green volcanic stones.

Udaipur City - India

These are the best cities in the world by passenger perspective

The Indian city of Udaipur advanced from the 14 best cities in the world over the past year 2017 to third in this year 2018, with a 89.3% rating. Known as Venice of the East, Udaipur is abundant with many unique tourist, cultural and historical attractions such as glittering lakes such as Fathar Sagar Lake and Lake Picola.

Famous luxury palaces such as the island-built Jag Mandir Palace in Lake Piccola, called the Palace Park Lake, and the monsoon palace known as the Sagan Palace, are wounded. As well as picturesque gardens such as: Sahlyoun Ki Bari Park filled with fountains, marble elephants, lotus pond, Sajjan Niwas Park and Nehru Park. In addition to unique archaeological temples such as the Jagdish Ji Hindu Temple and the Ki Haveli Museum.

Ubud City - Indonesia

These are the best cities in the world by passenger perspective

The Indonesian city of Ubud advanced from ninth of the world's best cities during the last year 2017 to fourth during the current year 2018, with a rating of 88.7%. Located on the Indonesian island of Bali between rice fields and valleys on the central hillsides, Ubud is a vital hub for landscapes that form magnificent art paintings, the headquarters of a treasure trove of museums, art galleries and heritage monuments.

Ubud is an ideal place to enjoy spas and relax in nature's pristine arms, and is a major destination for therapeutic sessions such as: massage-based therapeutic methods, muscle stretching, acupressure and perfume therapy. The city has many forests filled with long-tailed Asian monkeys, along with many monasteries and other historic places

Kyoto City - Japan

These are the best cities in the world by passenger perspective

Japan's Kyoto City fell from fourth best in the world last year 2017 to fifth this year 2018 with a rating of 88.4%. The city is a distinctive cultural centre, characterized by unique architecture and contains more than 2,000 tourist, historical and archaeological landmarks such as ancient temples, museums, shrines and palaces such as the Nego Castle, the Rywangi Temple, the Sangosangendo Temple, the Golden Marquee Temple (Jincaco-G) and the Silver Marquee (Kinkaku-g).

Florence City - Italy

The city of Florence fell back from fifth place last year 2017 to sixth among the world's best cities this year 2018. Florence has many attractions, monuments, heritage and history, such as temples, museums and exhibitions: the Avitsi Gallery, one of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world, and the Academy Gallery, famous for having a large number of statues: the Michelangelo statue, the Bargelo National Museum and the St. Mark Museum.

As well as a huge number of palaces such as the Old Palace, the Palace of Medici Ricardi, the Palace of Guelva, the Palace of Betty, the Palace of Bianca Cabello, and many others. In addition to churches and bridges such as the Church of Santa Maria del Fury, the Church of Santa Maria Novela, the Old Bridge and the Santa Trinita Bridge, one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe. Along with many historic gardens and theatres.

Luang Prabang City - Laos

These are the best cities in the world by passenger perspective

The city of Luang Prabang has jumped from 10th among the world's best cities over the past year and 2017 to seventh in this year 2018 88.2% assessment. Luang Prabang City reflects a distinct merger between traditional engineering, civic installations and wooden houses developed by European colonial authorities in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, making it a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site.

The city has many unique monuments from gold-roofed temples to monuments associated with French colonial-era architectural art. It also contains many Buddhist museums, monasteries, nature's picturesque nature reserves, creepy caves, unique hills and waterfalls, as well as cultural and artistic centers.


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