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AI software is a growing worry for employees.

AI software is a growing worry for employees.

Many people are concerned that their employment may change or disappear as a result of the promise that AI will alter a wide range of professions.

The "Chat GBT" program was introduced in November 2022, and since then, nothing has been the same as it was before. So-called AI has demonstrated the ability to react to any requests made in natural language in a documented manner.

A graphic designer who wished to remain anonymous adds, "People are starting to realize that some of the skills they have developed and specialized in can be replaced by artificial intelligence in a realistic way."

In her case, the photographs produced by programs like "Medgorny" and "Style Defense" that were uploaded online last year were what shocked her.

This New York-based lady is used to the media industry, which has had significant layoffs, but she is unsure of what jobs will look like "in 5 years or even sooner" in the area where she currently works.

Technology Concern 

According to psychiatrist Claire Gustafson of New York, who refers a significant portion of her patients to artificial intelligence, "Everything is new and unknown raises concern. It is challenging to establish benchmarks for technology because it is developing so quickly.

A member of the entertainment industry raised concern to psychologist Merice Powell regarding artificial intelligence (AI) in movies and television, a crucial issue for which Hollywood actors and screenwriters are criticized.

According to Gustafsson, "it is the creative professions that face the greatest concern" in this regard.

However, AI is already aiming its guns at programmers, telephone consultants, legal or financial experts, accountants, or journalists because it can quickly write any text or an article.

According to a study released in March by Goldman Sachs analysts, generative artificial intelligence replaces or reduces the substance of around 300 million occupations.

"I expect my job to be old within 10 years," says 29-year-old bank employee Eric, who wants to switch careers. "The capabilities of artificial intelligence allow him to perform the majority of the tasks performed by bank employees."

accepting the unknowable

According to Claire Gustafson, "When Chat GBT penetrated people's lives, everyone was worried; even psychotherapists," with some speculating about the potential of being replaced by artificial intelligence.

The expert in assisting those going through career transitions adds that "this great social concern has only caused climate change and the coronavirus," noting that she is assisting her patients in "accepting the unknown" and "finding ways to use new technologies for their benefit."

Sean Yunas, a 2D and 3D graphic artist, claims that he is not under any pressure despite the fact that "I will lose a number of skills" because AI will be able to perform the majority of the tasks. "I see this as a new tool to add to other tools," he continues. According to him, artists will still be able to distinguish themselves from artificial intelligence in the future "by maintaining a unique style."


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