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Elon Musk announces change to "Twitter" logo


Elon Musk announces change to "Twitter" logo

The blue sparrow logo, which served as a brand icon for the social networking site Twitter, will be removed, according to American billionaire Elon Musk, who owns the company.

According to Musk's tweet, the phrase "X" will replace the tagline "Blue Bird" as of right now. According to him, "We will soon deposit the brand of Twitter, gradually all birds."

According to Musk, the website's name would change from "" to "".

In light of growing competition from other sites like Threads, TikTok, Facebook, and others, this is Musk's greatest move since he purchased the social networking platform last year.

Since last year, Twitter has merged with a brand-new business called X Corp and is no longer an autonomous entity.

"Buying Twitter is accelerating the creation of X.. It is the application of everything," Musk tweeted in October of last year.

Musk hopes to eliminate the need for users to download dozens of mobile apps by combining all the services they require on one platform through the upcoming application (X).

When the "Sheba Eno" dog emblem for the cryptocurrency Dogcoin briefly replaced the bird's logo in April of last year, the market value of the coin rose by $4 billion.

The latest in a string of issues for Twitter came last Tuesday when she filed a lawsuit there, claiming that the firm owes former employees at least $500 million in severance pay.

Since Musk took over the network's administration, Twitter has discovered a number of technical issues, and in the early months of the US billionaire's takeover of the company, the site had a number of outages.

In addition, he dealt with additional technical issues brought on by the mass firing of employees, which led to an increase in hate speech on the platform and a high number of tweets endorsing bogus information and conspiracies.

The business made a series of poor mistakes that caused impersonators to flourish and forced "Twitter" to stop the service, such as the botched implementation of the verification tag feature.


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