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Musk and Zuckerberg had a "virtual" brawl to warm up for their fight.


Musk and Zuckerberg had a "virtual" brawl to warm up for their fight.

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, two billionaire rivals in the social networking space, exchanged virtual blows once more on Sunday, with Meta's initial founder speculating that opponents Malik X (previously Twitter) did not take their suggested MMA match seriously.

We can all agree that Elon is not serious, and it's time to move on, wrote Mark Zuckerberg on his social media site Threads, which he introduced last month to directly compete with Twitter. I provided a legitimate date for the lodge. Elon, however, failed to show up for the scheduled session and later claimed to need surgery. He has since asked to take a training tour of my garden.

Elon Musk immediately responded via X, the platform he acquired last year while he was still known as "Twitter," labeling Zuckerberg a "coward."

Musk, who is also the owner of Tesla, declared he was moving to Silicon Valley. He wrote on Sunday, "I look forward to knocking on his door tomorrow.

The co-chairs of the "X" and "Meta" groups mentioned the two rivaling titans around the end of June, speculating that they would engage in a graphic mixed martial arts "M. M'E." (MMA) combat. A potential date for this clash was mentioned a few days before, on August 26.

On Friday, Musk said on his X platform that an Italian landing was a possibility, and the Italian government acknowledged discussions for a "major charity event."

"I had a conversation with the Minister of Culture of Italy, Gennaro Sangioliano, and the Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni. They have agreed that a unique location may be used for the occasion.

In retaliation, Mark Zuckerberg published a picture of himself in a topless state while pinning a rival athlete.

The well-known martial artist and competitor, Mark Zuckerberg, remarked, "I love this sport and I have been ready to come down since Elon challenged me."

However, he continued, "You'll hear from me if a day is authorized. Please consider nothing Musk says as having been agreed upon until then.

In a statement posted on Friday, Italian Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangioliano said he was working with Elon Musk to plan a "great charity event that evokes history."

He ruled out the notion of a duel taking place in the Coliseum, as Elon Musk suggested at the end of June, by stating that the proposed event "will not be held in Rome".

Although Gennaro Sangoliano, the Italian Minister of Culture, acknowledged speaking with Musk about "how to organize a great charity event that evokes history," he added that any game "will not be played in Rome."

The two tech titan organizations have been at odds with one another for years over divergent ideologies that range from politics to artificial intelligence. But when Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp-owned group Meta debuted early last month, the conflict grew more heated.

Musk stated on Friday that "minor surgery" may be necessary to address the issue of "friction of my right shoulder bone with my ribs."

However, he predicted that recovery would only take a few months.


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