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Working on several phones. WhatsApp feature details awaited by millions of users

 Working on several phones. WhatsApp feature details awaited by millions of users

WhatsApp users are no longer forced to use their accounts on just one phone, as the account itself is now available on multiple devices at the same time.

Mark Zuckerberg, president of WhatsApp owner Meta, announced that starting Tuesday users can log on to their WhatsApp account from an additional 4 phones for the main phone

How to run WhatsApp on more than one phone

WhatsApp users can now connect 4 additional smartphones by scanning QR codes using their basic phones. Previously, users could already connect up to 4 computers or tablets to a single WhatsApp account, but now they can log in via phones as well.

This long-awaited feature will suit those who have a phone to work and another for personal use, but would prefer all their conversations to be within one WhatsApp account.

When will you reach users?

WhatsApp said it had started rolling out the update to users globally and would be available to everyone in the coming weeks. In order to avoid hacking into private accounts, WhatsApp said that users could verify any other devices connected to their accounts and record their remote exit from their phone.

First released in 2009, WhatsApp sends text messages online, which is why WhatsApp's account has always been closely linked to an individual phone number, although it has recently become possible to open it on many non-phone devices.

In 2021, WhatsApp began allowing users to connect up to 4 additional non-phone devices - such as computers and tablets - to their accounts independently of the phone, meaning that the user was able to operate his phone, two tablets and two computer devices all with the individual WhatsApp account.

This feature was rolled out globally by 2022, but WhatsApp is now taking a step forward by offering the ability to use one WhatsApp account on multiple phones as well.

Security in the new WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp said each device will communicate with WhatsApp independently, ensuring that all personal messages, media and calls are synced, and if the "primary" smartphone - defined as the phone on which your WhatsApp account was held - is inactive for a long time, your exit from all "accompanying" phones will be automatically recorded.

WhatsApp staff confirmed that, regardless of which device operates the WhatsApp account, all chats will remain fully encrypted and read only by the parties.


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