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Guidelines for increasing the lifespan of the iPhone battery

 Guidelines for increasing the lifespan of the iPhone battery

In each iPhone version the battery capacity increases and its life span increases, but we don't feel that difference because of the increased requirements of the device that drain the battery power further. That's why you need to know how to maintain the iPhone battery.

There are many ways to lengthen the battery life.

How to maintain the iPhone battery?

In order to keep your iPhone battery there are many ways you can choose a set of them to suit your usage.

We put in your hands the most practical methods based on experience and scientific foundations.

1.Find out which applications drain the device's energy

At first we advise you to know the most energy-draining applications on your device, often gaming and positioning software (GPS), they strain the CPU, graphic processor and screen; This means expending more energy to make these applications.

In order to know what applications are most drained of battery resources more specifically you need to go to settings and then battery. Then scroll down and the most draining applications of the battery will appear in percentages.

It will give you the results of the use within 24 hours as well as the results of the use in the last week. Here you either have to delete them or reduce their use.

2.Cellular and Bluetooth Coverage

In case you're in an area that doesn't have good cellular coverage, I know this could drain the battery capacity quite well.

If you need to prolong the battery for example in case of camping and staying long before charging your phone, it is recommended to put the device in flight mode and change it only when necessary for a necessary phone call.

If you want to use the network, you can use the network mode "G2" (2G) or "G3" (3G), which is less energy drainage compared to "G4" (4G) or "G5" (5G) which consumes more energy.

For Bluetooth, it drains battery capacity when connected to a smart device such as a smart watch; It is therefore recommended to separate them when they are not needed.

3.Setting background applications

Some apps work in the background even if they don't actually use them and this drains the battery capacity in the device.

In order to keep your iPhone battery you need to select the apps that run in the background by going to settings and then icon "General" and then update the background app.

Press off for all apps in the background, so these apps will only be opened via Wi-Fi. The list of apps can also be entered from settings and decommissioned for each individual application.

You can also access the site from settings and choose "Never" instead of "Always" to stop all apps using "GPS".

4.Reduce the use of Siri

The feature of the Siri smart assistant is very useful, but it increases the consumption of the device's resources somewhat, so it is advisable to reduce them.

They can be discontinued by entering the settings and then selecting Siri and searching "Siri & Search," after which press turn off the smart assistant option.

Guidelines for increasing the lifespan of the iPhone battery

5.Reduce screen brightness

The brightness of the screen drains battery charging more than you can imagine. You can lower the brightness of the screen by entering the control center, scrolling down, controlling the brightness element, or going to settings, and then displaying, brightness, and controlling brightness through the control bar.

You can also take advantage of the brightness setup automatically to decrease and rise according to the environment you are in, but it can be dispensed with in case the automatic adjustment does not fit into the surrounding environment.

Prolonged screen operation in non-use mode can drain the battery resources, so go to settings and then display and brightness and click on the automatic lock and set it up to 30 seconds or less.

On the other hand, adjusting the phone to dark mode greatly extends battery life, which is by going to settings, then to width and brightness before you click on the switch to Dark Mode.

6.Avoid high temperatures

High temperatures can cause permanent damage to your device's battery because it is the most prominent enemy of electronic devices.

Mobile devices, by their nature, do not contain a cooling system such as computer and PlayStation, so attention must be paid to this subject and carefully approached.

You should also avoid using or charging your phone at temperatures of more than 35 ° C and 95 ° F, as this will cause significant power drain and therefore battery loss. And you can rely on some apps to make it easier to know the temperature of your phone.

Enhanced Battery Charging Feature

You can keep your iPhone battery with improved battery charging feature; It is available in IOS 13 and more recent versions.

This feature learns from your daily use of the device, thus trying to keep your device fully charged for as long as possible. They are easily accessible by going to settings, hence "battery health," and then activating "improved battery charging" from the bottom of the menu.

7.Restriction of notices

Notifications can drain battery power in your device especially if they are many. Receiving hundreds of notifications per day increases the consumption of battery resources such as ringing sound, vibration and background applications.

Accordingly, it is preferable to restrict all notifications of non-core applications in the device. You can also go to settings and then notifications and then choose unnecessary apps and turn off notifications.

Guidelines for increasing the lifespan of the iPhone battery

Most battery-efficient iPhone models

Battery sizes between 5,000 and 6,000 millimeters are common in the market for smart devices, but for the iPhone, this isn't the case because the iPhone 13 Pro Max (iPhone 13 Pro Max) has the highest battery size of any of its devices at 4352 millimeters.

Despite having a smaller capacity than other smartphones in their class, iPhones do better than the competition in terms of battery life.


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